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Tonight Will end and So Will we

Leila is starring in the futuristic short film, Tonight Will end and So Will we, written and directed by Natalie Aji, Cannes Film Festival: Short Film Corner 2017.

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They Came to the Castle

Leila is ecstatic to play a leading role in the new play, They Came to the Castle at the Theater of the New City. 


The show runs March 19th April 4th 2020.

For Showtimes and Tickets:


New Representation

Leila signed with Applegate Model & Talent based in Florida. Applegate handles the entire Southeast region.


International Commercial

Leila just booked an international commercial campaign through Brette Goldstein.

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Grave Mysteries

Leila starred in Grave Mysteries: Ultimate Betrayal on the Investigative Discovery Network. 


Truth About Murder

Leila starred in Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin on the Investigative Discovery Network.


SIO Beauty

Leila booked a commercial for SIO Beauty Skincare.

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